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    Theory, Language and Aesthetics

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    Last week I wrapped up my three part series on live electronic performance for SoundingOut with “Theory and Practice”.  The word practice in the title has an intentional double meaning.  The writing itself has the surface appearance of being primarily fascinated with the practicality of using the variable language exposed within the series to discuss… Read more »

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    Bring the Noise: Afrofuturism x Russolo

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    This past weekend <fidget> space held their Fourth Annual Fall Experimental Music Festival which included “Bring the Noise: Afrofuturism x Russolo” an evening of discussion and performances around the intersection of afrofuturism and music. Curated by the legendary King Britt featuring an all star line-up of participants including, Hank Shocklee, HPrizm, Computer Jay, Ytasha Womack… Read more »

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    It’s been five days

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    It’s been five days since I took my laptop to the Apple Store to be shipped for repair.  This is at least my eigth Apple Laptop.  I had it for two years and five months.  That works itself out to about an $825 per year portable computing habit.  Not so sure how I feel about… Read more »

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    Towards A Polyphonic OSC Synth: hrmnsnth

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    It’s been a minute since I created a new instrument. Spent a lot of time of late working on refining both the function and my playing ability on the other ones I’ve made.  One of the ones I’ve always wanted to do however was a polyphonic synth that was only OSC controlled with no MIDI…. Read more »

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    The Discussion Every Good Father Should Have With Their Daughters

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    “What sound do bird’s make?” I ask of my seven year old daughter when the subject comes up. “Tweet, tweet, tweet,” she says with an I know that one smile. “Now what sound do bee’s make?” “Bzzzzzzz.” “Ok,” I say inching the piano bench we’re sharing a little bit closer to the keys. “Play the… Read more »