Dolphin – Raw and Remixed

It goes without saying I’m a fan of Dolphin.  Since last he appeared on AvantUrb, he’s clocked in a minimum of ten projects.  This week though he hit my inbox with two videos that for me really show the essence of who he is.

In this age of technology we’ve become used to artists that come packaged in the latest wares of today be they grandiose productions or equally grandiose publicity and hype.  Having spoke with Dolphin on many occasions on both subjects, it would seem the most important thing to him really is the song and conveying its message first.  While others sell the artists Dolphin gives the song.

He dedicated these two songs to his mother who passed away last year.  You’ll hear the raw honesty of them in the first chords:

Lastly I’ve been sitting on this remix I did for of the song “Invisible” off his “Sunrooms” EP which I call “Overstanding”.  Enjoy:

Dolphin – Overstanding

Written by avanturb

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