[Compilation for Japan Relief] Nihon Kizuna

When the earthquake shook Japan on March 11th, I was the only Rhythm Incursions presenter not in Japan. That was one of the multiple, less than six degrees of separation that connected me to the event. At the time I was enroute to a funeral for a relative. When I returned Laurent, had already begun the legwork to pull to this compilation he was organizing with the Raid System crew. I reached out with longtime collaborator Lonesome D, who himself had spent three years in the area most devastated during the quake. He readily agreed to include one of our collaborations for the project. My Japanese born, Concrète Sound System partner, Takuma Kanaiwa, between checking in with his family back home offered another track. By the time I sent them both to Laurent over 25 artist had contributed and the list was growing.

Today March 18th, only a week after the quake, Nihon Kizuna has been released with over 40 contributing artists from around the world. There’s an amazing mix in the image above. Even without the cause behind it, the tracklist is a massive collection of music, featuring a grip of artists I love including Kode 9, Kuedo, Rudi Zygadlo, Daisuke Tanabe, Paul White, Mux Mool, Ernest Gonzales, Onra and many more.

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