Adrian Younge x Wu-Tang Clan – Something About Wu-Tang

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Adrian Younge is easily one of the most promising new producers on the scene today.  The first time I heard his work was on the score and soundtrack for the film Black Dynamite.  Following that he dropped the stellar Something About April on the Wax Poetics imprint.  He’s got a way with production that’s really like no other right now.  It’s interesting because for all intents and purposes it’s a throwback soul sound.  But there’s something a little extra in his work.

In a recent discussion it came up how hip-hop production aesthetics have an influence that goes beyond the genre, and Younge’s work is a testament to the power of that.  He’s doesn’t make beats or use samplers but everything about his sound screams out, ‘this cat is a hip-hop head.”  In essence he makes the jams that you feel someone probably sampled, the most obvious candidate being Wu-Tang Clan’s The RZA, at least to my ears.  And that’s exactly why this little mash-up came together.

Something About Wu-Tang by Concrète Sound System

Right now Younge is in the studio doing work for the Delfonics!  That’s right the Delfonics.  I’m expecting nothing but greatness.  HOpefully after that he’ll have another solo coming.  Plain and simple keep your eye out for dude.  And while you wait for his newness make sure you go out right now and cop that Something About April.

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