Open Sound Controller Covers Bitches Brew Era Miles Davis

(This is the original. To listen to the cover scroll down to the bottom of the page)

It’s been a long time since I shared new music (this most recent release is actually from three years ago). Way too long. And not for a lack of creating believe me.  Before the crash of 2012 I had been on a creative run which saw over 1000 minutes of music recorded in the year before.  Only weeks prior to the crash I had come to the place where the completion of my performance set of heads instruments was in sight and realistically could have been achieved within two months time.  Then I lost all of that.  I lost my instrument.

When it was returned to me, it had been refurbished with a new operating system, new preferences, new configurations.  As much as the actual instruments themselves were key, also was the work that went into creating a stable environment in which to run them. Where I was able to save the instruments, the environment needed to be created again.  In the process of doing that it made sense to rebuild the instruments to fit the new environment (for the majority of that year I had also lost the use of my Stribe Duo, which the recent serialosc update just fixed).  But all the while I pressed on.

The creation of these instruments (musical objects really) into a singular instrument (rig as instrument) has allowed me quite a unique musical voice and character.  I have become like the player I was sitting down to the piano as a kid discovering the depth of sound which it can evoke.  It’s a transformation for me from Primus Luta the producer to Open Sound Controller the performer.

I’ve recorded hours and hours worth of performances with groups, duos, solo etc all in an effort to develop proficiency on my instrument which translates to evocative performances.  It’s been quite a journey as a performer, but Primus Luta the producer has been really struggling with how to capture these performances as pieces.  Which has led to _____ the tech but that’s a whole other story.

The important thing is that it’s coming along and a well produced Open Sound Controller project is forth coming.  In the meantime though I want to start sharing some of the process getting to there with a new series of Open Sound Controller material.  The first of this series will drop next Thursday with a short mix introducing the project.  It will be followed with a new track every  Thursday at least until the end of the year.  [Bwahahahaha… in all seriousness though I got a lot of stuff coming.]

Sort of as a preview though I thought I’d offer up one of the produced Open Sound Controller recordings “GRTXPCTTNS” a cover of the John Mclaughlin song “Great Expectations” as performed by Miles Davis during the Bitches Brew sessions.  This track really puts to evidence the way the breadth of my work tries to tie together ultimately back to the music.  If I am theorizing that electronic music has the potential to become the new jazz, I’m also trying to play an ‘authentic’ (you can laugh at that) electronic jazz.

Bitches Brew era Miles has always held a special place for me.  I own the original and reissue vinyl, reissue CD, complete sessions, and the updated complete sessions, all the official albums around that period, tons of bootlegs, growing up I used to have VHS’s of a couple concerts bought from the little market next to Tower Records.  Tower is gone, the market is still there, but you can’t find those VHS tapes any more.

At any rate I love that era, and picked this as a cover as a challenge on multiple levels.  It’s not a song you can fake, nor is it a song you can really replicate.  So you have to own it, and when I finally nailed the performance which led to this recording it was one of those moments where you have to really step back and look at yourself as a performer at the work you put in.

I offered up the original at the beginning of this post not as a comparison but as a point of reference. Music is a conversation. This thread of it began with the band Miles pulled together.  Decades later I pick up that thread in an effort to keep the conversation going.

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