My Favorite MC of the New Millenium

Busdriver is an acquired taste, preferred by those with a pallate for lyrically dense humor. It isn’t surprising that he comes from the Project Blowed crew, but unless you’ve been following them (which you should have been) since they first popped up in the nineties, you probably don’t know you know who Busdriver is. Oh now that I say his name it may sound familiar, if you’ve heard more than one Project Blowed album. I bet as soon has you hear his voice something will click.

It isn’t that his voice is so unique, but rather the way he utilizes it in the mix. he’s a fast rapper. Not the Twista-esque though possibly faster. It isn’t just speed for speed. It’s the use of speed as another dimension of expressing through lyrics. AvantUrb indeed. Do yourself and pick his latest effort Fear of a Black Tangent and if you like it check out the rest of his ever growing collection.

Written by avanturb

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