#plpheads Update: Mixing the Album, Bidule Tutorials, Interviews & More

It’s been a minute since my last post, but there’s been a lot going on, especially with The Heads Project.  First and foremost, about a week ago I finally signed off on the mixes for the album, which means the only thing remaining is mastering and pressing.

I’m very excited about this project.  I think it’s the goal of every artist to ensure that their next project is their best project.  With Heads, I think I’ve raised the bar for myself to newfound heights that will be tough to follow up.  Of course that is pretty far in the future.  There are still a lot of steps to getting this project firmly out the door before thinking about the next project.

In that vein, the good folk over at Create Digital Music are hard at work on their next venture Noise Pages, and honored me with the opportunity to get on things a little early.  I’ve created a #plpheads Noise Pages site which will be dedicated to the release of the instruments for The Heads Project.  Through it I will be providing not just the instruments themselves, but full tutorials on their creation.  That’s actually where my writing time has gone these past few weeks as I’ve been working to get the first set of tutorials up.  In addition I had the extreme pleasure of interviewing Sebastian over at Plogue (makers of Bidule) for an article which appeared on Create Digital Music

On the more creative side of the project, the first video has been prepped and we’re looking to shoot in the next few weeks.  Without going into too much detail, I will say the video will be for a remix of a song on the album.  Hmm… I want to say more but I’ll keep my mouth shut for now.

Also on the keep my mouth shut, I was shown some of the interactive stuff GtP Studios is cooking up for the project.  I really can’t talk about that.

I can talk about the mixtape which will be the first thing out the door for the project.  It is a compilation of all of the musical sketches and experiments I went through in the three years compiling the project.  It will serve the purpose of connecting a sound to all the mumbo jumbo I’ve been talking about with the project.  No ETA on that mixtape yet, but hopefully it will come in time to bump on your first picnic.

I’ve got a guest mix I’m working on which should be surfacing hopefully some time in April.  I’ll tell you the theme of it now and you’ll just have to wait until it drops for more.  I’m focusing on post-jazz instrumental music, coming out of the electronic and hip-hop movements.  Sounds real academic, but it bumps.

Alright that’s enough right now.  As always stay tuned to AvantUrb to keep up with the latest.

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