mnlg vs Linn Drum II: The Saga Continues

Disclaimer: Due to the response from previous discussion of this I would advise reading with a touch of lightheartedness.  It’s only as serious as you choose to read into it.

It’s been a year and a half since I first announced the monolog (now renamed ‘mnlg’), at which time it had been over a year since Roger Linn and Dave Smith first announced the Linn Drum II (at the time named BoomChik).  At that time it immediately went on my must buy list, anticipating a release within the year.  Already thinking then about how the Heads Project would translate into a live set, the Linn Drum II seemed like it would be the perfect fit.  A year later however, without a release date in sight, I took matters into my own hands.

For me it was a challenge.  Could I create my own drum machine that could be a functional replacement for the desired Linn Drum II?  As I labored away I soon realized that perhaps I could and in that excitement rushed to share my work by creating a little demo video:

Some people weren’t to happy with the tone of the video.  No not the tone of the monolog, but my tone or ‘arrogance’.  Of course I wasn’t really trying to be arrogant, funny maybe but, that’s neither here nor there.  What was clear though was that I had jumped the gun.  

First, the monome being still relatively new at the time, it wasn’t easy to grasp exactly what the monolog was and what it was doing and how that was supposed to match up with a professionally developed hardware device.  Well of course it wasn’t.  As I stated it was a personal challenge not a professional one.  But even more than that, my biggest mistake at the time was shortsightedness.  The small accomplishments I had made to that point were literally the tip of the iceberg of what the monolog would become, in more ways than just the removal of the vowels.

So back to work I went.  The synth engine improved, the sequencer improved.  Just overall the whole thing improved, and was beginning to take a shape beyond a mere attempt to emulate a drum machine that hadn’t even been built yet.  I started recording it for the Heads Project and again was completely blown away by the results.  Excited once more I made another video, this time going a bit overboard with the details and carefully leaving all of the Linn Drum references out:

At this point, as an application it still wasn’t finished, but quite functional, so I turned my attention back to the studio and recording, the results of which will have to wait until the Heads Project is finally released.  The thing though is with all the other things I was working on further development came to a stand still.  

Having completed the recording phase of the Heads Project, my attention of late has been focused on the live rig.  I’ve been practicing prety hard, the first results of which will hopefully see the light of day shortly.  But I still haven’t rightly incorporated the now mnlg into the rig.  It’s been on my mind, but I haven’t felt the push to really go through with it, mostly because there have been so many other things I’ve been attending to.  Leave it up to the original inspiration to give me the nudge I need.

Earlier this month Roger Linn released a statement about the future of the Linn Drum II to help get it off of the vaporware list.  Unfortunately there’s still no release date, and all of the artist renditions have now been scrapped for a new design which is not going to be made public.  Reading the release though one thing caught my eye:

I’d personally love to tell everybody all the details of the product design, features and price as we did with our initial designs of the product, but there’s that pesky problem of keeping the information from our competitors.

Hold on there Roger.  Competitors you say.  Hmmmmmm.  He could be talking about these guys or maybe there’s another company that I’m not aware of that has a full featured analog drum production machine in the works.  But I’m just going to take it to mean Roger’s scared of the mnlg.  I see you Roger.  Let’s do this.  No more videos this time, all that matters is the final release and I got more than a few tricks up my sleeve.

Once again it’s on!!!

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