The Smyrk “The End of Jason Todd (Primus Luta’s Crowbar Remix)”

Jokes on you

Back in the late 80’s DC comics kind of predicted reality TV in all of its cheesiness with a little contest they had.  Having created a new Robin once and then completely changing his whole backstory to make him what they hoped would be more appealing, they realized ultimately they had failed.  But to put it to the test they gave readers two 900 numbers to call in and decide the fate of Jason Todd the second Robin.  Ultimately the morbid fans sentenced Todd to a death at the hands of the Joker, in the Death in the Family arc.  There’s a TPB around and I’m sure the originals have some value, but pretty much the panels above are the best part of the whole affair.

This is the story behind The Smyrk’s latest song “The End of Jason Todd” (available now on the Afro-Punk Compilation – Funk Rock Stars).  As soon as I heard the original version I knew I wanted to go in on a remix.  The original is a slow hard hitting head banger, that I thought would be perfect to work into a dub rock kind of vibe.  Using the monome (nsMpLR) to lay out the foundation and then just building I put together my crowbar remix.

Written by avanturb

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