Coltrane, “Lyrical” and The Art Of MCing

The notion of being lyrical is often misread in hip-hop by the connotations put on it by those who for the most part don’t like lyrics. In that context lyrical has some sort of direct relationship with the actual words, usually implying the excessive use of words.  “Spiritual, miracle, lyrical!” Outside of the hip-hop context… Read more »

To The Max Bro

Some heavy discussion of Mike D’Errico’s latest piece Going Hard: Bassweight, Sonic Warfare, & the “Brostep” Aesthetic this week. While I’ve been adding my two cents on twitter, I wanted  to take some time to try to concisely formulate my notes. I jumped into the conversation after DJ/Rupture posted his response Brostep, Mansplained which criticizes the gender politics… Read more »

Theory, Language and Aesthetics

Last week I wrapped up my three part series on live electronic performance for SoundingOut with “Theory and Practice”.  The word practice in the title has an intentional double meaning.  The writing itself has the surface appearance of being primarily fascinated with the practicality of using the variable language exposed within the series to discuss… Read more »

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    Working Definition: How Hip-Hop Got Hip-Hop’d

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    In a theoretical mood these days, the mind wanders toward this notion of ‘hip-hop culture’. I’ve always been hesitant of calling it a culture, usually a proto-culture at best with the window of opportunity for it to become an actual culture becoming smaller and smaller.  But in rethinking about a definition for what ‘hip-hop culture’… Read more »

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    The New Concréte: A Record Label’s Mission Statement

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    I’ve been asked, on more than one occasion, what exactly is meant by Concréte Sound System.  To put it vaguely concise, concréte is an evolving species much in the way human society and our interactions with the arts are continuously evolving. It is not a genre of music, or any definitive style, rather, concréte something… Read more »

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    Services Rendered

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    I first became familiar with the band Ava Luna back around 2010 and was immediately struck by their sound.  Lo-fi aesthetic, layered songwriting, and choice vocal harmonies just pulled me in.  Fortunately I was able to link up with Carlos shortly after and confirm that indeed he and they were musicians after my own heart…. Read more »

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    Live in NY: May Day at The Brecht Forum

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    I’ll be playing my first show since the crash of 2012, and in fact since before my youngest daughter was born, on May 1st at the Brecht Forum.  I’ll be playing alongside NY jazz legend Daniel Carter (reeds & trumpet), amukaT (ES-125 and pedals) and piLgrIm drEamS (traps) for an improvised jazz set under the… Read more »

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    Ultimate Break Beats

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    My family moved to New York in ’82.  First in Harlem and then we moved to the Bronx. By the time I was in high-school I was traveling all-city on the trains embracing the evolving sound of New York. The thing I remember most were the spots. The spots could have been in the basement… Read more »

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    It’s been five days

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    It’s been five days since I took my laptop to the Apple Store to be shipped for repair.  This is at least my eigth Apple Laptop.  I had it for two years and five months.  That works itself out to about an $825 per year portable computing habit.  Not so sure how I feel about… Read more »

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    Towards A Polyphonic OSC Synth: hrmnsnth

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    It’s been a minute since I created a new instrument. Spent a lot of time of late working on refining both the function and my playing ability on the other ones I’ve made.  One of the ones I’ve always wanted to do however was a polyphonic synth that was only OSC controlled with no MIDI…. Read more »

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    Schrödinger Revealed Between the Cracks and The Alien

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    This past week the good folk at The Wire Magazine received their edition of Schrödinger’s Cassette.  They were the first to report actually breaking their brick.  Fortunately they were able to do so without damaging the cassette within and as a bonus they played it live on their Adventures in Sound and Music show on Resonance… Read more »