Coltrane, “Lyrical” and The Art Of MCing

The notion of being lyrical is often misread in hip-hop by the connotations put on it by those who for the most part don’t like lyrics. In that context lyrical has some sort of direct relationship with the actual words, usually implying the excessive use of words.  “Spiritual, miracle, lyrical!” Outside of the hip-hop context… Read more »

To The Max Bro

Some heavy discussion of Mike D’Errico’s latest piece Going Hard: Bassweight, Sonic Warfare, & the “Brostep” Aesthetic this week. While I’ve been adding my two cents on twitter, I wanted  to take some time to try to concisely formulate my notes. I jumped into the conversation after DJ/Rupture posted his response Brostep, Mansplained which criticizes the gender politics… Read more »

Theory, Language and Aesthetics

Last week I wrapped up my three part series on live electronic performance for SoundingOut with “Theory and Practice”.  The word practice in the title has an intentional double meaning.  The writing itself has the surface appearance of being primarily fascinated with the practicality of using the variable language exposed within the series to discuss… Read more »

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    The Reason Music Sucked and Why it's Going to Get Better

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    Technological evolution is progressive. A technology isn’t born and used to its full potential on the same day. Quite often in fact the there are years between the development of a technology and the realization of its full potential. Digital music technology is no different.