Coltrane, “Lyrical” and The Art Of MCing

The notion of being lyrical is often misread in hip-hop by the connotations put on it by those who for the most part don’t like lyrics. In that context lyrical has some sort of direct relationship with the actual words, usually implying the excessive use of words.  “Spiritual, miracle, lyrical!” Outside of the hip-hop context… Read more »

To The Max Bro

Some heavy discussion of Mike D’Errico’s latest piece Going Hard: Bassweight, Sonic Warfare, & the “Brostep” Aesthetic this week. While I’ve been adding my two cents on twitter, I wanted  to take some time to try to concisely formulate my notes. I jumped into the conversation after DJ/Rupture posted his response Brostep, Mansplained which criticizes the gender politics… Read more »

Theory, Language and Aesthetics

Last week I wrapped up my three part series on live electronic performance for SoundingOut with “Theory and Practice”.  The word practice in the title has an intentional double meaning.  The writing itself has the surface appearance of being primarily fascinated with the practicality of using the variable language exposed within the series to discuss… Read more »

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    The Discussion Every Good Father Should Have With Their Daughters

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    “What sound do bird’s make?” I ask of my seven year old daughter when the subject comes up. “Tweet, tweet, tweet,” she says with an I know that one smile. “Now what sound do bee’s make?” “Bzzzzzzz.” “Ok,” I say inching the piano bench we’re sharing a little bit closer to the keys. “Play the… Read more »

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    Two Hundred Pounds of Concrete

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    Jeopardy style, that is the answer. The question is, “what would it take to start a label?” Of course this is only single Jeopardy, and that answer is behind the $100 box under the ‘Music is Dying’ category.  May sound snarky but in fact it is the answer – two hundred pounds of industrial grade… Read more »

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    It’s Been Over A Year Since I Ranted On About Sampling

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    Well it’s been two years and three months since David Shield’s book Reality Hunger hit the stands, and two years and two months since I wrote about it.  Quick search on google and it doesn’t look like he’s been sued yet, and certainly there haven’t been any take downs as the book is still available…. Read more »

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    I’m Surprised No One Has Coined “Post-Electronic” Yet

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    Yes I’m sure someone will claim it now but *shrug* whatever.  Google search popped up a lot of ‘posts’ about ‘electronic’ but the only post-electronic ref I saw on the first two pages of results were for a post-electro tag in Last.FM and a post-electronic tag in Beatport.  The former has a bunch of results… Read more »

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    Adrian Younge x Wu-Tang Clan – Something About Wu-Tang

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    Download Below Adrian Younge is easily one of the most promising new producers on the scene today.  The first time I heard his work was on the score and soundtrack for the film Black Dynamite.  Following that he dropped the stellar Something About April on the Wax Poetics imprint.  He’s got a way with production… Read more »

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    Origins of Battle Rap: Louis Armstrong vs Dizzy Gillespie

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    I’ve been meaning to rip this for a minute.  It comes from the centennial documentary done on Louis Armstrong.  A part of me feels like it’s a top of the dome freestyle, but can’t find any type of confirmation on that.  Regardless, it is a clear recorded example of one musician performing a song which directly takes… Read more »

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    “We want to hear Michael Jackson!” my kids say in unison. Only days before I had uncovered my long boxed away copy of History. “One of you chose big and the other choose small,” I say. My son, the youngest, yells out “BIG” before I can finish the sentence.  My oldest daughter is too busy… Read more »

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    Without Keys or Melodies, and Completely Unscorable. My Album of the Year

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    It has been a great year, filled with releases from the likes of tUnE yArDs, Seun and Femi Kuti, Sepalcure, Andy Stott, Laurel Halo, Byetone, Shabazz Palaces, Matana Roberts, Vladislav Delay, Blue Daisy and so many others.  To be honest though, my album of the year pick was chosen over six months ago.  From the… Read more »